The beginning of fish and loaves

Do you ever have a moment in time where you knew without a shadow of a doubt that life was fixing to change for the better?


You probably know the moment when all the world shifts and that mountain climb that looks like the image above suddenly becomes a flat plateau and rest surrounds you.


For us that moment happened the first Monday of February when we were at our lowest of the low – debating applying for food stamps and medicare and moving back to the city.  We were totally feeling defeated.

Moments before we hit that send button Terry had a caution to stop. John confirmed we were to delete the application by saying, “I was given money for gas and I heard the voice of the Yeshua – we need to trust that we are right where we need to be.  He has promised to make fish and loves out of all our resources.  We need to trust him.”

And our faith was renewed and our spirits were lifted.  But as of that moment in time – all we had was enough gas money for John to get home from work.

That very afternoon we were contacted via our Instagram page from a seed swap that we had wanted to participate in, but we had to back out of because Terry forgot about the deadline.  Her brain fog from hashimotos has been quite the challenge.

We joined several seed swaps instead of ordering over at Migardener or Baker Creek because it was financially a better move.

The sweet lady who runs Growing Seeds Swap wanted to bless us with seeds ANYWAYS – and the best part is she wanted to send only Autoimmune Protocol Paleo friendly herbs, veggies, and edible flowers. She included just a few extra things not AIP or edible for our children to grow… Luffa Gourd and Sunflower just to name a few.

We received roughly 70 packages of seeds.  Friends that will yield enough to feed my family of 7 fresh, beyond organic, nutrient dense food and y’all am I so so thankful.


This was the beginning of Fish and Loaves….that same week we won a Clydes Garden Planner, 2 more people contacted us about sending us seeds and many other exciting and awesome things happened that we are going to be able to reveal in the future.

So today we stand on a promise that Yeshua gave John – Fish and Loaves. And we look forward to the bounty of provision to follow.


We hope you are encouraged to seek the face of Yeshua in all things – in your best moments and in your worst.

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