Hey all! Welcome to our little spot in cyber space where we are sharing our jouney from raw land RV living to life sustaing land tent living.

We are the Primeaux Family – Dad, Mom, Big Bro, Chicken Loving Girl, Middle Sister, Brother bear, and Baby sister.  When we transplanted from Nashville, TN to Central Texas 4 years ago we bought 1 acre and a 2200 sq ft home.  We quickly realized we wanted to be more self sufficient and began working towards a goal of selling our large home and buying raw land.  in the fall of 2017 we sold our large home and purchased 9 acres of raw woods!  We are city slickers gone country!!!!  We are now in the beginning stages of living the homesteading dream in Central Texas growing in zone 8b.  Together between the two of us there are 7 children and 2 grandchidlren with 5 children still at home.   Dad is a public school teacher by day and a homesteader by night and Mom is a Stay at home mom who is learning the art of homemaking, homeschooling 5 children and generally trying to stay sane in the midst of chaos.
We are currently living in a 25ft 5th wheel with 2 out buildings.  One is used for family storage like clothes and food the other is dad’s tool shop and our homeschool room. We currently have no running water or spring on our land and electricity only in the RV. We are planning to build a 500+ sq ft tent home after we figure water out.

Folks all the while we are trying to maintain a DEBT FREE status!!!

Our goal for homesteading is to know exactly what we put into our bodies, grow closer as a family, instill a strong work ethic and leave a small legacy and inhertance.
Join us on our journey by following us here on our blog, Facebook, Youtube, Pintrest, or on Instagram.

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