Welcome to our Dream Life


Hey welcome to our dream life.  This site includes so many of the things that I love and have dreamed of forever – my husband John who now looks more like a lumber jack than a school teacher, our table full of children, and our almost off grid tiny house homesteading life.

We live a tiny house life on almost 9 acres in Central Texas where we are raising our table full of children, homeschooling, raising chickens and goats, learning ever so slowly to garden, and turn all of this into a self sustaining homestead

Our dreams are to provide our family with as much homegrown food as possible free from chemicals and mutations.  Preserving our food, learning the basics, gaining skills that are being lost just as quickly as my native language, Cajun French, are somewhere among the first things we want to master.

On any given day you may hear about our wringer washer and sun dried clothes, us learning how to make a braided rug, using our treadle sewing machine, or canning dewberries wild harvested from the creek.

Welcome to our tiny slice of the earth where we hope you are inspired to make those small changes back to the old ways.

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